What i do

Attorney Marzena Migas is qualified to provide professional legal counsel in all types of legal and extra-legal proceedings.

Legal representation includes proceedings at all levels of the court system, as well as in administrative courts, and at other administrative and executive institutions.

The Law Offices of Marzena Migas provide the following services:

Civil law

Contracts, legal opinions, representation in inheritance proceedings, eviction proceedings, acquisition of land rights through usucaption, protection of property and possessions, civil damages, claims, and negotiations.

International trade

Claims in transnational proceedings, international payment claims, and enforcement of payment dispute decisions.

Transport law

Conduct of cases concerning transport law, air traffic carrier rights, international transport of goods, and the CMR Convention.

Administrative and tax law

Conduct of proceedings concerning administrative bodies, tax offices, administrative courts, and the issuance of legal opinions.

Business and commercial law

Establishment of and services for businesses, legal counsel and comprehensive legal services for companies.

Insolvency, restructuring, and enforcement law

Bankruptcy proceedings, applications for restructuring of businesses, introduction of claims, and conduct of enforcement proceedings.

Legal counsel for Polish nationals operating businesses in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

Legal counsel, including the possibility of representing clients in foreign administrative and tax offices.

Labour and insurance law

Conduct of cases regarding labour law and social welfare insurance law.

Family law

Representation in divorce cases, alimony proceedings, and division of property.

Criminal law

Representation of victims in criminal proceedings.


The Law Office
Marzena Migas
ul. Szpitalna 4
(budynek Szkoły językowej Highland)
34-400 Nowy Targ

ul. Św. Filipa 23/4
31-150 Kraków

email: rpmmigas@migasmarzena.pl
tel. +48 601 372 015

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